Amy Chambers is a Contemporary dancer who is currently developing her own practice; exploring the relationship between music and dance and exploring the possibilities of small pockets of movement being captured on film.  She trained at the University of Bedfordshire and received a First Class degree in BA (Hons) Dance and Professional Practice.  Once leaving university she had a summer internship with Helen Parlor before embarking on her first dance job with Tanztheater Adrian Look in the work ‘A Thousand Eyes’.

“Amy is an outstanding performer, who is able to engage physically, creatively and emotionally to a range of different choreographic modes. She has always been a pleasure to work with, contributing immensely to the choreographic process and sustaining an excellent level of focus, commitment and motivation throughout rehearsals. On stage she has a captivating presence, effortlessly demonstrating her technical range and ability.” – Rachel Farrer, Lecturer in Dance at the University of Bedfordshire.

“Amy is wonderful to work with. Two things are most important for choreographers when working with dancers: Skill and attitude. Amy has a strong technique and great expression. Her wide range of showing emotions with the body and her care for detail as well as her attentive and curious attitude in rehearsals allow her to take criticism and corrections very well. Also, Amy is a positive person who offers suggestions and well composed dance sequences on her own.” - Adrian Look, Artistic Director at Tanztheater Adrian Look.

“Amy is extremely hardworking and strives and shines throughout class from commitment. Amy is reliable, motivated, punctual and offers many transferable skills. She would be an asset to any company.” - Melissa Holden, Graduate from the University of Bedfordshire.