Junior Research Institute (JRI) 2014 and 2015

A Practice as Research undergraduate platform founded by Sadie Hunt.

Where it starts, where it ends and the bit in the middle 2014 collaboration with Amy Hutchison –

We looked in to the development of a dancer; from baby ballet, to degree level at university.  How does each stage differ between people and how do they influence you training to be a professional dancer?

Boxes 2015 collaboration with Ella Mason –

The focus of our research was memory.  As a dancer do you remember movement or text better?  How do we remember dances, is it everything or just that one movement that you really liked?  How do we explore memory through dance?

We gave ourselves the task of creating a passage of text and a phrase of movement with the time limit of one hour each to create and remember the material.  We drew from past experiences of dances that we had performed and memories surrounding the process. We also gave ourselves the task of choosing and item which then evoked a memory which we responded to in movement.


Taking part in the Junior Research Institute platform has given me the experience of managing creating a piece of work.  It has allowed me to develop my skills of scheduling for the creation process and has allowed me to work on how I research an idea and develop a composition to a point where it is possible to present my ideas.