Movement by Music

Solo 2015

Movement by Music.

Music: For My Father by Andy Mckee.

This piece explored music and movement.  To create the piece, investigations into the connections between music and moment took place.  This resulted in movement that is fused with the music, showing the close relationship between the two.

Within this solo I was interested to see how well I would be able to form movements with music to create a work where you were able to view and listen to the movement and the music together, rather than trying to understand what each form means separately to them put them together.  I wanted to create a piece of movement that I enjoyed creating and performing and that was accessible for people enjoy and understand without having to be fully informed of the context behind the work.

Through the creation process of this work I have become interested in the relationship between music and movement.  As a result of this, I feel as though through my practice I will be exploring this relationship further, to investigate how else I can utilise the music through movement and if it changes by the number of bodies in the space or the style of music changing.