The Pepper Show is a charity rock concert which was founded in 1989 to help support nurses who care for critically ill children and their families. Along with other events hosted by the charity, the Pepper Show helps to raise thousands of pounds each year to support the nursing team.  The show is now in it’s third year of it’s new format at Pendley Court Theatre Tring, with show week starting Tuesday 19th July.

For more information about the Pepper Foundation please visit their website

My role within the production started from an early age, as both of my parents were involved with the event.  When I was old enough I auditioned for the Pepper Youth (PY) at the age of eight and danced in the song ‘I Love Rock and Roll’.  After I reached the age of 15 I started to choreograph dances for the Pepper Youth as well as standing in for members the adult dance cast.  When I was 18 I moved into the Adult cast where I co-choreographed group dances as well as dancing in a solo and a duet.

Taking part in these shows has given me experience performing on stage from a young age, as well as giving me the knowledge of how a production runs.  I was able to see how the show was directed as well as how the crew worked with the stage, lighting and sound to enhance what was happening in the performance.  The shows helped me learn to adapt to live music when dancing.  The musicians would take their cue off of the singers, which meant that if the singer missed out a verse, extended the song or if the tempo changed I would have to adapt my movement to fit with the music.  Having this performance experience has taught me how to be professional both on and off stage and how to adapt to certain situations when things go wrong.  This has helped me to develop as a dancer and a performer.  I have been able to successfully apply these skills to all areas of my dancing.

Pepper at the movies (PY)

Pepper’s Rock Circus (PY)

Pirates of Pepper Rocks (PY)

Pepper’s Summer holiday (PY)

Pepper factor (PY)

That Pepper effect (PY)

Pepper Rock Legends (PY)

Pepper Magic (PY) – Choreographed PY ‘Like a Prayer’, Performed in adult song ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’.

Pepper Rocks (PY) – Co-choreographed PY ‘I got a feeling’.

Pepper Live (PY) – Solo ‘Don’t Speak’, choreographed PY ‘You’ve got the love’, performed in adult song ‘Dancing in the street’.

24 Caret Pepper (Adult) – Co-choreographed PY ‘Beetles Medley’ and choreographed ‘Alright’, co-choreographed adult dance songs.

Pepper 25 Best of British (Adult) – Duet ‘Make you feel my Love’, co-choreographed adult dancers ‘Pinball Wizard’ and ‘Sisters are doing it for themselves’.