Spring Concert

Spring Concert 2013 and 2014

The Spring Concert is a live orchestra performance with accompanying dance.  The orchestra is called Symphonia Academica which is a chamber orchestra based in Bedfordshire.  The dancing is a combination on University of Bedfordshire Dance students and Luton sixth-form college dancer students.  In the 2013 I was in a dance choreographed by Jai Hutchinson and in the 2014 I was in a dance choreography by Kristina Dimitrova.  In both years there was a group dance where all the dancers participated which was coordinated by Sadie Hunt.

Through taking part in these productions I was able to experience dancing with a live orchestra and adapt to the speed at which the music was being played as it changed slightly each time.  This experience was a positive one as I was able to dance with a range of dancers from different year groups within the university helping to develop myself as a dancer to adapting to working with new people.